Registration of Architecture

Instruction of Applicants against E.O.I.-9/pcl/architects/2014-15

  • All information called for in the enclosed forms should be furnished against the relevant columns in the forms.
  • Consulting firms who are presently working for reputed corporate entities, Institutions, Establishment etc. and having minimum experience of 3 years in the field of Architectural and Design consultancy can only participate.
  • The proprietor/Director of the firm should be Member of Indian Institute of Architects/Member of the Council of Architecture.
  • Intending Consultants should have successfully completed works of value shown in clause-8 for different categories of empanelment.
  • Architects/firms should have sufficient technical setup handling the project.
  • Consultants/Firms should possess adequate organizational structure composing qualified Architects engineers, specialists, other technical officers and staff along with computer aided facilities, associates such as reputed/well experienced structural/electrical /water supply/fire and security/HV/AC Architects to execute works Consultants should invariably produce documentary evidence in the form of certificates from the clients as mentioned elsewhere in the document with the date of complementation of the project and the cost of project. The agencies that possess the above mentioned minimum qualification will be short listed for empanelment.
  • List of technical staff available must be given separately. Minimum Technical staff required for each category should be as given below-
S.N. Category Post-graduates Degree Holder ITI/ Diploma Holders
Architecture Structural Engineering Other Engineering Branches Architecture Civil Engineering
Category-A (Works costing upto Rs 10 Crore 1 1 1 3 3 5
- 1 - 2 1 3
- - - 1 1 2
  • 8. Minimum value of total projects in a year and a single projects for which consultancy have been done in last 3 years should be as shown below-
S.N. Category Value of total projects for which consultancy done in a year in at least one of last 3 year Value of single project done in a year in at least one of last 3 year
Category-A 500.00 100.00
Category-B 100.00 10.00
Category-C 5.00 0.50
  • The technical proposals received will be evaluated for different category taking into consideration the experience, turnover and other prequalification parameters. In case of joint-ventures, Letter of Association from partners is absolutely essential so that their total experience in the relevant field can be taken into consideration for short-listing.
  • The empanelment document in prescribed form duly completed and signed should be submitted in a sealed cover super scribed with heading Empanelment of Architectural and Design Consultants. The duly filled empanelment documents be received in the office of General Manager (Technical & Complaints) UP Projects Corporation Limited, Gomti nagar, Lucknow-10 upto 3.00 PM on 15.5.2015 for 1st phase and this will be an open ended process. Documents submitted in connection with empanelment will be treated as confidential and will not be returned.